Teacher/Staff Gift Card Program

NOTE:  Contributions will be accepted through Sunday, 12/15 at midnight.

All contributions for the Holiday's are due NO LATER THAN EOD FRIDAY, DECEMBER 13TH.

Note:  You will need your student’s ID number  (9-digit ID number used for Compass Learning and found on MAP results and registration forms) to shop online.

Churchill PTA sponsors a special gift card program twice a year (around the winter holiday and then again at the end of the year) as an option for parents to show their appreciation to teachers and staff at Churchill.

Contributions from parents are combined for each teacher, and the teacher selects the gift cards of their choice, ensuring that the teacher can get exactly what she/he wants.

Participation in the program is OPTIONAL.  

There are three categories:  Classroom TeachersNon-Classroom TeachersAdmin/Support Staff

Gifts must be made in increments of $5 per recipient.  For example, you may choose to give $10 to the classroom teacher, and $5 to the teacher’s aide.  This is also a convenient way to recognize our “Specials” teachers, such as Music, Art, Gym, and Library, or any of the rest of the staff.

The Churchill PTA will total the amount that each teacher / staff member receives.  At the end of the collection period, they will each receive a card with the names of the participating students, the combined total they were given (the teachers/staff receive 100% of the collected funds), and a blank gift card order form, from which they can pick any gift card from a pre-selected list.  They each get to choose exactly the gift cards they want!